Battles – “Ice Cream”

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    “Ice Cream” is the new single from Battles, and it seems like almost-too-perfect title. It is overall a very catchy song, much like that of the ice cream truck that drives down your block every summer. However, the visuals suggest some more unusual stuff than catchy tunes and delicious treats. There is a lot of karate (note the brown and white uniforms, chocolate and vanilla?), a fantastic color scheme behind the band, images of summertime enjoyment (yay! pools!) and for the finale, everybody gets soaked in white paint. This is one treat you will certainly enjoy.

    Directed and Produced by: CANADA with PARTIZAN London.
    CANADA Executive Producer: Oscar Romagosa
    PARTIZAN Executive Producers: Sasha Nixon
    Production Manager: Alba Barneda
    Photography: Marc Gómez del Moral and Pau Castejon
    Art: Roger Bell
    Costumes: Xènia Gasull
    Makeup: Gina Ros

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