Check Out: Ryan Adams covers Iron Maiden’s “Wasted Years”


    ryan adams 2011 Check Out: Ryan Adams covers Iron Maidens Wasted Years

    Stripped to the core, Ryan Adams‘ new song “Lucky Now”, our first taste off this October’s Ashes & Fire, shows what the guy can do with just his voice and some minimal instrumentation. Now, courtesy of a recent visit to BBC Radio 2, Adams demonstrates this talent once more with an acoustic cover of one of his 13 favorite metal songs, Iron Maiden’s 1986 single “Wasted Years” (off Somewhere in Time). With his Buck Owens acoustic guitar in hand, Adams makes the metal lords proud with a somber yet equally-as-maniacal homage (via TwentyFourBit).

    Make sure to also take a listen to the original below Adams’ rendition. The aforementioned Ashes & Fire arrives in stores on October 11th via PAX-AM/Capitol (pre-orders available here, complete with 3D glasses).

    “Wasted Years” (Ryan Adams cover)

    “Wasted Years” (Iron Maiden original)


    Ashes & Fire Tracklist:
    01. Dirty Rain
    02. Ashes & Fire
    03. Come Home
    04. Rocks
    05. Do I Wait
    06. Chains Of Love
    07. Invisible Riverside
    08. Save Me
    09. Kindness
    10. Lucky Now
    11. I Love You But I Don’t Know What To Say

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