Kid Savant – “4 Years”

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    Have you ever wanted to throw something off a rooftop, just to see it break on impact? Of course you have. Everyone’s had the desire at one point to smash something into pieces for the hell of it. Kid Savant makes this dream come true in the video for “4 Years”. Except, instead of just throwing it off a building, they’re throwing these objects out of an airplane. Extreme.

    “4 Years” is from Kid Savant’s upcoming EP, Drop It on the Stereo, due for release October 25th.

    Directed by: Kid Savant
    Produced by: Kid Savant and Greg + Anouschka Gasson
    Aerial Cinematographer 1: Greg Gasson
    Aerial Cinematographer 2: Joe Jennings
    Ground Cinematography: Chris Burkett
    Edited by: Poz Lang


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