MC Lars – “Lars Attacks!”

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With a song name like “Lars Attacks!,” an extraterrestrial video only makes sense. Directors Tim Thompson and Odin Wadleigh created a low-budget, freaky video for MC Lars, focusing mainly on alien possession. It starts with a terrified man telling a story about the paranormal activity he saw. Suddenly, a vampire-esque MC Lars appears on screen, ripping through verse after verse. The person watching this slowly takes notes and charts out patterns of activity, but is he safe from these occurrences?

“Lars Attacks!” is the title track from MC Lars latest LP, due out on September 6th through Horris Records. Need some new music from the rapper now? Check out his free mixtape here. Want even more? Click this link to take a look at this documentary on MC Lars at Warped Tour.

Directed by: Tim Thompson and Odin Wadleigh

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