RJD2 and Aaron Livingston form Icebird, ready debut album


    rjd2 RJD2 and Aaron Livingston form Icebird, ready debut album

    On top of RJD2‘s own colossal career, the DJ/producer is known for guiding the careers of others with his Electrical Connections imprint. While previous outings saw him involved with an up and comer like Insane Warrior, RJD2 is now turning his attentions to a more direct collaboration. This October, RJD2 and singer Aaron Livingston, collectively known as Icebird, will release their debut album, Abandoned Lullaby.

    Livingston has done work for other acts from Hot Sugar to The Roots, and even sang on The Colossus‘ “Crumbs off the Table”. In describing the effort, RJD2 said the vibe would live up to the “psychedelic soul for which the Philly music scene has long been known.” He went on to call Livingston one of the “most unique, clever, and gifted singers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with”, and that the outfit would emphasize more of RJD2’s self-perceived best trait in his vast production skills.


    Check out the album’s tracklist below. Abandoned Lullaby hits stores October 11th via Electrical Connections.

    Abandoned Lullaby Tracklist:
    01. Charmed Life
    02. Just Love Me
    03. Going and Going. And Going
    04. King Tut
    05. Wander
    06. The Return of Tronson
    07. Spirit Ache
    08. I’m Green
    09. Gun For Hire
    10. In Exile
    11. Please, Don’t
    12. Find Yourself