The Boxing Lesson – “Muerta”

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    A Cluster 1 Premiere!

    “Muerta” means “dead” in Spanish, so it’s only appropriate that Jonathan London and Will Kistler’s video for The Boxing Lesson’s track would reflect that.  We’re treated to a morbid and strangely beautiful first person experience of a deep sea drowning.  Lead singer Paul Waclawsky’s body drifts into the deep along with wreckage from a crashed vessel.  There’s a strange calm about him as he accepts his fate and sings “Muerta” as he slowly loses breath and becomes surrounded by the luminescent fish of the trenches. “Muerta” is from the Muerta EP

    Directed by: Jonathan London and Will Kistler
    Shot by: Matt Sanchez
    Produced by: Georg Kallert and Jonathan London
    Visual effects and post-production by: Will Kistler

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