Top 10 Videos of the Week (8/25)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert

    We’ve had our Friday Mixtapes, and our Top 10 mp3s. We’ve listed our favorites carefully, and shown you what albums we think deserve to be in the top 100 of all time. Now though, it’s time to go the route of Carson Daly, and start counting down a new medium: Top 10 Videos. As some of you may, or may not, know, CoS has a video-counterpart, Cluster 1. Every week, Cluster 1 dishes out a number of original, interesting, and visually unique videos; whether it’s our original shows like Cluster 1 HANGOUT or No Cover, or the latest music videos from the Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Titus Andronicus. Either way, Cluster 1 is devoted to delivering you the hottest (and most talented) video content on the web. Now, we bring you the Top 10 Videos of the week, so you can find everything you need to in just one place (and with several clicks, of course). -Ted Maider

    Bon Iver – “Holocene”

    Directed by:

    Bon Iver’s new album has projected the indie outfit into rock stardom this year. With that being said, it’s rather interesting the video for “Holocene” is seen through the eyes of a small child. A young boy sets out on a hike from his hill-dwelling (think Bilbo Baggins type estate), and the shots of him in nature are breathtaking (primarily the one of him walking through the field). In this five-minute clip though, Bon Iver’s music and visuals capture the simplistic joy of being a kid out in the big, big world, which is probably how they feel about their success.

    f e e d b a c k: Episode 12 – Rae Spoon


     Directed by: Side B

    Rae Spoon is one of the most famous transgender songwriters of our generation. You might say he is the transgender of our generation, which becomes apparent in this short documentary. Rae Spoon talks about how, as time has gone on, he has been able to freely express himself about his slightly taboo past. Now, Rae releases his sixth album, going in the direction of indie rock as opposed to the twangy country of his yesteryear.

    Gringo Star – “Shadow”

    Directed by: Bryan Bankovich

    This song is pretty cool, and features the kind of high-pitched vocals that tend to be popular in modern music (plus the chorus sounds like that Morning Benders song). The video though, makes it very interesting. The whole video includes the band playing in the shadows (go figure), but the other plotline is quite unique. A girl in her pajamas follows a human-sized chipmunk through the woods (it should be noted the chipmunk is holding a lot of balloons). And this chipmunk certainly has some odd plans.

    St Lucia – “We Are Water”

    Directed by: St Lucia

    Sometimes to make a good music video, all you need is some old footage and an editing tool. That’s exactly what St Lucia did for “All Eyes on You”. His assortment of clips tells the story of people living on a strange little island in the middle of nowhere. Off in the distant, a volcano violently erupts, putting their lives in danger. -Joe Marvilli