VHS or Beta – “Breaking Bones”

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    VHS or Beta may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to florescent sex. Then again, there really aren’t many words that would make you think of florescent sex. That’ll change though once you see Graham Hill’s video for “Breaking Bones.” As a couple get down and dirty with each other, the black-and-white video starts shooting into multicolor. The vibrant effects especially come in when to cover up those areas that would be getting the most action during the couple’s enthusiastic movement.

    Diamonds & Death will be released on September 27th through Krian Music Group/Chromosome Records.

    Directed by: Graham Hill
    Director of Photography: Zak Mulligan
    Makeup Artist: Claudia Lake
    Stylist: Devan Markiewicz
    Design: Andrew Bernet, Graham Hill
    Animation: Daniel Pernikoff, Ben Gabelman
    Colorist: Seth Ricart
    Female Lead: Alexandra Hellquist
    Male Lead: Priest Fontaine


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