Video: DJ Shadow feat. Afrikan Boy – “I’m Excited”


    Just days after DJ Shadow unveiled “Stay The Course”, the next track off his upcoming album The Less You Know, The Better, the legendary beatmaker returns with the video for the album’s first single, “I’m Excited” (via Featuring guest star Afrikan Boy leading a gorgeous platoon/dance squad, the clip is a blast of good time fun and dancing. Until, you know, the drug use and the total evisceration of a human being. But ya can’t make an omelette without breakin’ some eggs!

    The Less You Know, The Better hits stores September 27th.

    The Less You Know, The Better Tracklist:
    01. Back To Front (Circular Logic)
    02. Border Crossing
    03. Stay The Course (feat. Posdnuos of De La Soul) & Talib Kweli)
    04. I’ve Been Trying
    05. Sad And Lonely
    06. Warning Call (feat. Tom Vek)
    07. Tedium
    08. Enemy Lines
    09. Going Nowhere
    10. Redeemed
    11. Run For Your Life
    12. Give Me Back The Nights
    13. I’m Excited (feat. Afrikan Boy)
    14. I Gotta Rokk
    15. Scale It Back Feat. Yukimi Nagano (of Little Dragon)
    16. Circular Logic (Front To Back)
    17. (Not So) Sad And Lonely

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