Check Out: I Fight Dragons – "Save World Get Girl" (CoS Premiere)


    kaboom Check Out: I Fight Dragons   "Save World Get Girl" (CoS Premiere)

    Chiptune nerd-rockers I Fight Dragons have been gleefully fusing Nintendo MIDI effects and power pop-punk to geekgasming results for just a few short years, but they’ve already amassed quite a following. Since the Chicago band released their Atlantic Records debut, Welcome To The Breakdown, in 2010, they’ve been soundtracking sessions of Battletoads & Double Dragon for nostalgic gamers everywhere. Their major label debut LP is finally on its way, and we’ve got a premiere listen at one of the tracks.

    “Save World Get Girl” is surely a winner in any nerd’s heart based on name alone. As soon as the track gets going, you’re treated to the familiar tones of exploding pixels from your childhood. When the chorus bursts in with its jubilant overload of soaring riffs, swarms of NES soundcard blips, and Brian Mazzaferri belting out those title words, the heart of that 9-year-old little nerd inside of you can’t help but flutter. You can check out the infectious cut below. Kaboom!, is set for release on October 24th via Atlantic. The complete tracklist can be found underneath the song.

    I Fight Dragons – “Save World Get Girl”

    Kaboom! Tracklist:
    01. Fanfare
    02. KABOOM!
    03. Save World Get Girl
    04. cRaZie$
    05. Gloria (Interlude)
    06. My Way
    07. With You (feat. Kina Grannis)
    08. Fight For You
    09. The Geeks Will Inherit The Earth
    10. Disaster Hearts
    11. Don’t You?
    12. Working
    13. Before I Wake
    14. Suburban Doxology


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