Check Out: Shimmering Stars – “Nervous Breakdown” (CoS Premiere)


    shimmering stars vh Check Out: Shimmering Stars   Nervous Breakdown (CoS Premiere)

    The debut record from Canadian dream-pop outfit Shimmering Stars hits streets today (September 13th), but perhaps you’d like a little taste of the album before you go dropping your weekly musical allowance on stuff you’ve never heard before. It’s things like that which give us here at CoS a purpose, so we’re happy to premiere a new track from the band’s Violent Hearts, available now from Hardly Art.

    Entitled “Nervous Breakdown”, the track offers a clear impression of Shimmering Stars’ retro garage pop sound (or as our own Liz Lane calls it, “soda shop pop”). Like much of the album, there’s a heavy 60’s doo-wop vibe that obscures morose lyrical themes. You’ll find your toes tapping merrily to lines like “I can’t stay, gonna leave this town behind/though I could escape this place, I can’t escape my mind.” No one ever said melancholy couldn’t be catchy.

    Hear the song and see the complete tracklist below, then head here, to your local record store, or your favorite digital retailer to get Violent Hearts today.


     Shimmering Stars – “Nervous Breakdown”

    Violent Hearts Tracklist:
    01. Believe
    02. I’m Gonna Try
    03. No One
    04. East Van Girls
    05. Into the Sea
    06. Nervous Breakdown
    07. Privilege
    08. Sun’s Going Down
    09. Sabians
    10. Dancing to Music I Hate
    11. I Don’t Wanna Know
    12. Other Girls
    13. Did I Lose You
    14. Walk Away

    Shimmering Stars 2011 Tour Dates:
    09/16 – Vancouver, BC @ The Waldorf
    09/24 – Vancouver, BC @ Red Cat Records

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