Other Lives – "Tamer Animals"

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    In the miniature world of Other Lives, nature is catching up with the modern world. Story A of this video involves a Groundhog Day type scenario, in which the same moment keeps happening over, and over again. Meanwhile, Story B depicts the band elsewhere in the city sitting in an apartment motionless. As the minutes tick on, plants begin grow all over everything. What happens in the bands apartment is then reflected throughout the entire metropolis – the vegetation covers everything. Looks like nature is finally getting some revenge.

    Director: Hank Friedmann
    Production Co.: RANK + FILE MEDIA
    Executive Producers: Brant Barger and Matthew Roznovak
    Producer: Jason Baum
    Director of Photography: Sing Howe Yam
    Production Design: Ethan Feldbau
    Miniatures: Hank Friedmann
    Assistant Director: Jesse Fleece
    Costumes: Heidi Jaimes
    Makeup: Katie Machaiek
    Editor: Hank Friedmann
    FX: Hank Friedmann, Marc Steinberg, Nic Zwaart

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