Oval – “Ah!”

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    If Black Swan has taught us anything, it’s that ballet is serious business, and some people really work their bodies. While most of us do not possess the physique to bend in crazy directions or stand on our toes, some do, and are quite good at it. Oval’s video “Ah!” puts a great modern spin on the ballet. Their spacey math-rock instrumentals compliment the dancers perfectly, in their surreal costumes and strange floor choice (it’s sand!). We all might not be able to dance like this, but it’s cool to appreciate those who can and this modern spin on ballet is super freaky.

    Directed by: Darko Dragicevic
    Director of Photography: Sebastien Gonon
    Edited by: Austin Stack
    Choreography by: Walter Bickmann
    Lead Dancer: Isabelle Rune
    Set Design: Naoko Tanaka
    Costume Design: Olga Zmiejko & Ann Delic
    Produced by: Austin Stack & Amberley Productions
    Assistant Producer: Nana Asase

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