Sims – “LMG”

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    A Cluster 1 Premiere!

    With Sims, it’s all about the lyrics. A member of the Minneapolis-based collective Doomtree, he’s known for his introspective raps and social commentary. What better way for director Matt Scharenbroich to get across the message of “LMG” than with an animated video? The quick-scribble, hand-drawn style used in the feature focuses on Sims and the women he meets. He finds love interests around every corner, but most of them are wrapped up in their own images or addictions. All he wants to find is a woman that makes him feel warm and makes him feel cool.

    “LMG” is from Sims’ second full-length solo album, Bad Time Zoo.

    Directed by: Matt Scharenbroich
    Animated by: Matt Scharenbroich