The Audreys – “Sometimes the Stars”

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    In the imagination of a child, fantasy is used to give them what they’re looking for in reality. In the case of “Sometimes the Stars”, a young girl is swept away on her train to a surreal land. While she’s lost in this strange environment, she still yearns to make a connection. Although it’s main role is a video for The Audreys, directors Ari Gibson and Jason Pamment put enough emotion into the film that it feels more like a stand-alone feature.

    “Sometimes the Stars” is from the currently-available album of the same name.

    Directed by: Ari Gibson & Jason Pamment
    Produced by: Luke Jurevicius
    Story by: Luke Jurevicius, Ari Gibson & Jason Pamment
    2D Animation: Ari Gibson
    Background Art: Jason Pamment
    Compositing: Ryan Kirby & Jason Pamment
    Colouring: Jarrod Prince & Joshua Bowman

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