Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/2)


 mp3s 4 Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/2)

In light of the recent VMAs, I’d like this to read like a bit of a cheesy award acceptance speech. “We’ve gotta keep this ship afloat somehow, folks. And were it not for the great music rolling in constantly, that wouldn’t be a possibility. So I’d like to thank the music industry on the whole. And I’d be totally ungrateful if I didn’t thank my friend and partner in crime, Jeremy Larson. Thank you.”

-Winston Robbins
Senior Staff Writer

Ben Folds Five – “Tell Me What I Did”

 Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/2)

Ben Folds Five: the OG band, the true sound from way back. Alt-piano-rock actually sounds good with this much fire under its ass, even if those pitch-shift synth lines sound straight out of a Reggie and the Full Effect song. Of note: This song was actually written by bassist Five bassist Robert Sledge and was slated to appear on the now scrapped fifth Ben Folds Five LP. This version was recorded by the original Ben Folds Five earlier in June for placement on Ben Folds’ huge look-back,  The Best Imitation Of Myself: A Retrospective. Listen to the memories here.  -Jeremy D. Larson

DJ Shadow – “Warning Call (Feat. Tom Vek)”

 theless Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/2)
If DJ Shadow’s forthcoming is half as awesome in real life as it is on paper, we’re in for quite an album. We’ve already heard tracks that feature Talib Kweli, De La Soul’s Posdnuos, and Afrikan Boy, and they were quite palatable. This one’s a bit of a paradigm shift (with eerie vocals straight out of a darker side of the 80s compliments of Tom Vek), but it’s just as good, and another great sign for the upcoming album.  -Winston Robbins

Terius Nash (The-Dream) – “Used To Be”

rsz 1977 Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/2)

Terrius Nash, or The-Dream, is putting the “b” back in subtle. With the influx of heady, atmospheric R&B that’s been released 2011, this is the otherside of the coin. Alongside heaping portions of melodrama and scene chewing, Nash hits us a vulgar hook that boils down girl problems to its bare essentials. 1977 is a triumphant addition to the fruitful bounty of R&B 2011 has offered, but this track is equal parts emotion and humor and is infinitely enjoyable. Jeremy D. Larson

Terius Nash (The-Dream) — “Used To Be”

Dum Dum Girls – “Bedroom Eyes”

dum dum girls only in dreams Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/2)

Go ahead, tell that special someone, “I need your bedroom eyes” and see if that doesn’t garner you more affection than you’ve had in months. Unless their stoned, then everyone kind of has bedroom eyes. On topic: Only In Dreams is shaping up to be something far beyond the summery sounds of their EP. The power of Dee Dee’s voice steals the spotlight just enough to draw focus but not steal the show, and suddenly even a bubbly summer skip-a-long like this is rich with emotion. -Jeremy D. Larson

Dum Dum Girls – “Bedroom Eyes”

Purity Ring – “Belispeak”

 Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/2)

Above the imported UK electro bass and a bastard cousin of a dirty south drum loop, Megan James sings to a grandma with a violent current flowing under her lyrics. The song wraps around the ears, and it would be unnerving or even calming if it wasn’t so crunk. The multi-layer cake of styles offers the same fantastic dilemma that we had with Sleigh Bells last year: How exactly do we want to move and react to this? I can tell you that my hands are up. Jeremy D. Larson

Purity Ring – “Belispeak”

Röyksopp – “Shores of Easy”

roy Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/2)

What a joy it is to write about an mp3 just for the sake of being an mp3. All too often I find myself almost writing advertisements for upcoming EPs and full lengths, but Röyksopp has given me a breather. Not anything from a future release, “Shores of Easy” is 14 minutes of calming electronic bliss, and is probably my favorite mp3 of the week.  -Winston Robbins

Röyksopp – “Shores of Easy”

Supreme Cuts – “Fools”

 Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/2)

SuperCuts: $12 haircut Supreme Cuts: $1,000,000 haircut.  This really is some high end sound, here, like you don’t want to dance or you’ll get dirt all over it. Futuristc sterile beats fly under vocal samples in a series of sections that build off each other’s ideas until the peak at the end, where its stately elgance never goes Full Climax, but inches just enough toward satisfaction that you have to admire its restraint. Also, dope artwork. Jeremy D. Larson

Surfer Blood – “Miranda”

surfer blood tarot classics 11 Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/2)

Surfer Blood dropped one of the best albums of 2010 and has mostly been on tour since, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t got time to drop a couple more tunes on you. This October will see the release of Tarot Classics, an EP from one of our favorite-to-be sophomores. Spoiler alert: “Miranda” is every bit as good as anything on Astro Coast.   -Winston Robbins

thenewno2 – “Live A Lie (Feat. Regina Spektor)”

thenewno21 Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/2)

You didn’t think we would? Come on, we’re named after something the gal something once said. Plus it’s George Harrison’s kid. Double bias. The big, bold track is ripe and further proof that Dhani Harrison is no joke.  -Winston Robbins

thenwno2 feat. Regina Spektor – “Live A Lie”

Wavves – “I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl

wavves i wanna meet dave grohl Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/2)

Not just a cleverly (and logically) titled song, “I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl” is one of Wavves’ best efforts to date and shows nothing but progress in the coming future the San Diego punk rockers. I’d bet dollars to dimes the forthcoming EP, Life Sux, is just as satisfying. –Winston Robbins

Wavves – “I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl”

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