Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/7)


 mp3s 4 Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/7)

Fall means at least two things to me: football and listening to music at a different temperature. Walking outside first thing in the morning and hearing Zola Jesus when it’s 57 degrees out is entirely different than when it’s a milky 93 degrees. (Sorry, southern California. Ya’ll got blackouts and heat waves now?). Where warm weather lifts the burden of a song, cold weather adds gravity to it. Summer songs are trickling off now, and whilst I enjoy that fiscal freedom where there’s no heat or air conditioning bills, I’m beginning to dust off those droning, foreboding bummer jams to keep me company for the winter ahead. Summery pop sounds especially frivolous against the fall breeze; everything is more serious. Even these intros, apparently.

-Jeremy D. Larson
Content Director 

Kathleen Edwards – “Wapusk” (Feat. Bon Iver)

kathleen edwards Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/7)

I’ve been sitting in a newly repainted room for the past couple hours, and the paint fumes may or may not be having a direct effect on why I’m so into this mp3 at this particular moment. But even before the fumes set in, I knew this was a track I’d be including. Full transparency: I only listened to this track because it said Bon Iver on it, and now I’m totally ashamed. I should have been a little more focused on Kathleen Edwards, who will take your heart and crush it to pieces, only to put it all back together again, leaving you one very happy individual. Reportedly, Edwards recorded this in Vernon’s studio on his nylon-stringed guitar, and just like that the song was born. To clarify, Vernon does appear on the track, providing some backing vocals, but he acted mostly as a producer. At any rate, check it out. You’ll be glad you did. –WR

Justice – “Audio, Video, Disco”

Justice %C2%96 %C2%93Audio Video Disco%C2%94  Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/7)

It’s going to be a hallmark year in the de Rosnay and Augé households this fall. Not only are they going to follow up their masterpiece of a debut, , with Audio, Video, Disco, they’re doing it cryptically and systematically, which makes it more fun for everyone involved. After dropping bits and pieces of their first single, “Civilization”, we started receiving word that another was on the way. A live unveiling of “Audio, Video, Disco” began hitting YouTube a week or so back, and now we have the actual studio, followed by one of my favorite music videos this year. It may not be as in-your-face, get-out-of-your-chair-and-dance invoking as “D.A.N.C.E.” was, but it’s teeming with energy and will have no problem winning crowds over across the world as Justice continue to plot their domination. –WR

Los Campesinos! – “By Your Hand”

los campesinos by your hand Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/7)

Everybody, now! “By your hand is the only end I foresee.” Can’t help but fall top over tail for this track; there’s something about resigned fate coupled with indie twee shout choruses that makes me feel like I’m finally understood. -JL

Los Campesinos! – “By Your Hand”

M83 – “Intro” (Feat. Zola Jesus)

m83 hurry up were dreaming Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/7)

For those who haven’t yet heard M83’s blazing album opener with vocals compliments of Zola Jesus, it will blow you away. For those who have, let’s all take a second and just admire what a triumphant introduction this is into the journey that is Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. -WR

Modeselektor – “Shipwreck” (Feat. Thom Yorke), “This” (Feat. Thom Yorke), “Pretentious Friends” (Feat. Busdriver)

modeselektor monkeytown album  Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/7)

Well, you see, I was just gonna include German electronic duo Modeselektor’s collaboration with L.A. emcee Busdriver, but then Thom Yorke took over the internet, as he is prone to doing. So this is a three-for-one deal. Not only do you get to hear both tracks that feature Thom Yorke from Modeselektor’s forthcoming effort, but you can also get your rap fill. Now everybody say, “Thank you, Modeselektor.” I don’t want to say which I like best just yet, but “Shipwrecked” is going to blow your mind. –WR

“Shipwreck (Feat. Thom Yorke)”

“This (Feat. Thom Yorke)”

Click here to find out more!“Pretentious Friends (Feat. Busdriver)”

Robin Pecknold – “I Let You”

ag glasto fleetfoxes 02 Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/7)

For those of you who aren’t totally Fleet Fox-ed out, we’ve got another cut for you. No word on whether it’s just a solo track that belongs to Robin Pecknold or if we should log this away as a future Fleet Foxes release. Regardless, it’s here. Courtesy of 107.7, stream the track below. It’s a slow, haunting, acoustic track that deals with the usual subject matter: longing, some unnamed characters, and a whole lot of descriptive scenery. –WR

Psychic Ills – “Hazed Dream”

 Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/7)

I had a phaser pedal once, and its egregious use on this track is the only real way to use the effect — a smokey backdrop for a lolling psych dream. A slight dream, though, like those pre-somnia lucid ones that don’t quite get away from you. Lead singer of the NYC-based group Tres Warren chose to describe the feeling of the new album as such: “Getting back to something. Feeling a feeling. Shaking out the NY brain boil. Movin’ away from some old bad vibes, by creating some new good ones. Dreaming out the bad. Takin’ it easy on ourselves, and those around us.” There room on that vibe train for one more? -JL

PUJOL – “Mayday”

3 143439 Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/7)

The sarcastic snarl of Daniel Pujol matches the syncs right up with the pile of bluesy trash that backs him. It truly is filthy, beastly, and brief, and it could underscore any number of montages from fraternal reveries in the back of a pickup truck. But “This song,” Pujol says, “is about my friend Richard Houston attaining maximum grooviness by harnessing different viewpoints to gain a clearer perspective aside from feigning teenage omniscience.” I remember that first joint, too. -JL

WU LYF – “Go Tell Fire (reprise)”

wulyf Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/7)

One of my favorite albums of the year gets an alternate ending and some commentary:  ”This cut was always meant to end Go Tell Fire to the Mountain, trail in after “heavy pop” fades. But we couldn’t figure it right; took 10 months of perspective to conclude, Elle rearranged and recorded it last night…” Listen here -JL

Zola Jesus – “Seekir”

zola jesus contaus Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/7)

The second track from Zola Jesus’s forthcoming album on Sacred Bones — who, as you may notice from Sacred Bone’s previous entry on this list, currently have the most aesthetically pleasing cover layout for a record label around — pairs mood and rhythm in a dark corridor with Nika Roza Danilova’s round voice filling every corner. It’s eerie the way the synths behind the beat sound like they’re playing a totally different ball game, the way pop music should be. -JL

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