Check Out: Hollerado – “Walkin Out on Daytime” (CoS Premiere)


hollerado1 Check Out: Hollerado   Walkin Out on Daytime (CoS Premiere)

Photo by Cap Blackard

It’s been a “gnarly” year for Ontario’s Hollerado. They’ve shared the road with Gang of Four, threw one dynamite nacho party at SXSW, and met several mayors on their recent Meet the Mayor Tour. Now, they return with “Good Day at the Races”, their latest digital single out on Royal Mountain Records/Arts&Crafts. Although that song may ring a bell (it was included on the band’s mixed compilation, Margaritaville 2: The Reckoning, last year), you probably haven’t heard its B-side, “Walkin Out on Daytime”. Fortunately for you, we’ve got the exclusive.

Featuring backing vocals by Fang Island, “Walkin Out on Daytime” has this sort of Muppets-like sparkle to it, specifically in the chorus. Towards the middle, vocalist Menno Versteeg screams out a clever line like “I’m working on my hands, when I need to rest my feet.” What does it mean? We asked Versteeg himself, who explained: “I was in the middle of a Shel Silverstein bender when I wrote this song. It’s about how sometimes I feel like I’d rather sleep through real life because the dreamworld is so weird and carefree and everyone lives forever.” Here’s where Fang Island comes in: “When we were in the studio, our buddies in Fang Island stopped by and did a whole bunch of cool vocal parts.”

Well, that about wraps it up. Check out the track below, then pick up the single, and support one of Canada’s finest.

Also, if you happen to be in New York City this week for CMJ, Hollerado will be playing a few shows, including M for Montreal’s Party at Arlene’s Grocery this Friday. No word on whether or not there will be nachos, however.

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