Video: Feist live from LA’s intimate Village Studios


    feist Video: Feist live from LAs intimate Village Studios

    The last time indie-rock songstress Leslie Feist was in Los Angeles, she was at the Del Monte Townhouse debuting songs off her raw, yet delicate new album, Metals. Now, another Feist gem from the City of Angels is available in the form of a cozy live performance by the singer-songwriter from the famed Village Studios. Recorded early last month in front of an invite-only crowd of about 100 fans, Feist and her new five-piece band create a truly magical musical event with some of her strongest and most endearing material to date. Didn’t have the VIP invite? Gain access below via Yahoo! Music.

    “A Commotion”:


    “How Come You Never Go There”:

    “Comfort Me”:

    “The Undiscovered First”:


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