Video: The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble – “Pretend”

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    A Cluster 1 Premiere!

    For decades Hollywood has glamorized the food fight; but be forewarned, most just end with a bruised ego, drippings in some hard-to-reach areas, and hours of cleanup. Apparently this desire to toss around edibles is international, as Germany’s The Brandt Braeur Frick Ensemble prove in their newest video for “Pretend”, the first single off the forthcoming Mr. Machine LP. The Park Bennet Films video, which was conceived and directed by band member Daniel Brandt, with story-line assistance from fellow band mate Jan Brauer and a score of other odd visual artists, also depicts some other adventurous activities like wood-sculpting, body-building, and some crazy leg fetish. So, if the plot seems obscure, just blame the confusion on cultural differences and pretend that you know what’s going on.

    – Derek Staples

    Video by: Park Bennett Films

    Conception & Story by: Daniel Brandt, Jan Brauerk, Richard G. Brzozowski, Yvonka Groeger, & Julian Schleef

    Directed by: Julian Schleef & Daniel Brandt

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