Top 10 Videos of the Week (11/17)

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    c1 top 10 Top 10 Videos of the Week (11/17)

    “I’m looking for something that’ll…break through. You know?” James Woods’ Max Renn yearns in David Cronenberg’s 1983 cult classic Videodrome. Oh, how things have changed. In today’s day and age, we’ve drowned in media. It’s swallowed us. We’re nothing but a bubble amidst one infinite, engulfing abyss. Intimidated? You should be. With each passing second, you’re losing opportunities to take advantage of a culture that’s moving ahead and at an exhausting rate. You could very well be alone…left behind…abandoned. Terrified yet? Yes? Well, that’s more like it.

    -Michael Roffman

    The Black Lips – “Raw Meat”

    Leo Fitzpatrick always seems to be getting the shaft, whether its AIDS, or crack. Little has changed for him, even in this clip from The Black Lips. -TM

    Blondes – “Wine”

    There’s plenty of party footage flooding the Internet these days. But this stuff’s actually pretty.

    CSS – “City Grrrl” ft. Ssion

    Looks are always deceiving. Write that down.

    DJ Shadow – ” Scale It Back”

    What would Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope look like remade by Michel Gondry? Oh, here’s an idea.

    Kate Miller-Heidke – “The Tiger Inside Will Eat the Child”

    For children, so much is centered on rites of passage. It can be as simple as getting your first car or as complex as the ritual this young girl goes through here. -JM

    Los Campesinos! – “Hello Sadness”

    Hooded, faceless people have taken it upon themselves to torture the members of Los Campesinos! in unfathomable ways. Hello Sadness, indeed. -TM

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