Top 10 Videos of the Week (11/3)

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    c1 top 10 Top 10 Videos of the Week (11/3)

    This was certainly a strange Halloween week, everyone. Halloween has always been the holiday where your freak flag can hang high, but this year, too many other strange occurrences went down. Case in point, a portion of the country got hit with one of the worst early snowstorms imaginable. Yes, New England hailed to the Pumpkin Throne in 10 inches of fresh powder. It literally was a scene out of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Everybody else in the nation probably went about their usual business, but weird things were still afoot. Here at Cluster 1, things still had a ghoulish vibe to it. We posted some terrifying videos this week (“T.O.Y.S” anyone?), and saw a few artists’ spooky side (Duck Sauce). Things may have been a little off-kilter for the holiday, but that’s how it’s supposed to be.

    With that in mind, start your Christmas shopping, and if you want to give yourself a present, submit some videos so that maybe you can make the next top 10. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, too!

    Akron/Family – “Cast A Net”

    It feels like kids today have lost that thrill of going on an outdoor adventure. Those moments when they practically leap out of their homes to explore the surrounding country is tougher to hold on to in major cities. Akron/Family’s music video for “Cast A Net” brings that feeling back, showing the journey of a young girl through forests and beaches. This isn’t your average nature walk, though. There’s something mystical to be found as well. -JM

    Architecture in Helsinki – “W.O.W.”

    Depression is a terrible thing to be stuck in. The overwhelming feeling of sadness just doesn’t affect your emotional or mental states. It’s physical as well, leaving you listless and exhausted. The main character of Architecture in Helsinki’s latest piece is in such a state. However, a ray of happiness manages to break through his despondent cloud and rejuvenates him. What is his cure? Let’s just say it lives under the sea. -JM

    Beyonce ft. J. Cole – “Party”

    With “Party”, Beyonce takes us to a gritty trailer park, where she adds some luster to the rusty surroundings, shining through as the beautiful pop icon that she has become. It just goes to show it doesn’t matter where Beyonce is, or where her music is playing, she can turn any spot into a rager. And she can somehow get a Bugatti into a trailer park. -TM

    Born Gold – “Lawn Knives”

    “Lawn Knives” may be either one of the strangest dreams a child has ever had or the result of an LSD experiment with religious imagery. Two words: grass fights. -JM

    Duck Sauce – “Big Bad Wolf”

    What starts out as two really horny workers, turns into a total freak show. The two men are not cursed with sexual frustration; they are cursed with having human heads instead of average male genitalia. And these heads howl…loudly. Luckily though, some girls are into that. -TM

    Echo Lake – “Alisa”

    Remember that beginning scene in John Carpenter’s Halloween, when young Michael Myers kills his sister, and the audience experiences it in first person? The opening shot of Echo Lake’s video for “Alisa” plays off that scene very well, and rightfully so. How timely. -TM

    Gringo Star – “Count Yer Lucky Stars”

    Gringo Star isn’t afraid to get in your face and stuck in your head. In the video of the title track from Count Yet Lucky Stars, each member takes turns doing exactly that. Rather than viewing from a distance, Gringo Star puts you right in the center of the action. -JM

    Pepper Rabbit – “Murder Room”

    One of the most classic scenes in The Lost Boys is when the late Corey Haim wakes up in the night and finds himself staring at a huge owl that his grandpa stuffed. Pepper Rabbit knows their pop culture well – at least their video for “Murder Room” has us thinking they do. -TM

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