Download: Lykke Li – The Lost Sessions Vol. 1


    lykke li lost sessions1 Download: Lykke Li   The Lost Sessions Vol. 1

    From the vault of Swedish pop princess Lykke Li comes The Lost Sessions Vol. 1. The three-track collection comprises stripped-down versions of three Wounded Rhymes tracks: ”I Follow Rivers”, “Jerome”, and “Youth Knows No Pain”. Stream it below or download your own copy for free via the singer’s website.

    Says Lykke of her offering:

    What is lost can be found and what is found can be lost again; VOL. 1.

    I’d thought I’d give you this toput in your little players, either stick it in your ears or play itloud when the lights are low, mind weary and days rainy.


    Remember; life is a process, no feeling is final.

    There is no end and no beginning. Yours truly always

    PS: If you like it you are welcome to spread it on those little Internet waves. Maybe send it like a little gift or a kindly flu filled kiss.

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. VOL . 1 ( !!!!!)

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