VCMG details debut full-length: Ssss


    vcmgssssthumb VCMG details debut full length: Ssss

    On March 13th, former Depeche Mode colleagues Vince Clarke and Martin L. Gore will issue Ssss, their joint debut LP from their previously announced VCMG moniker. Comprised of nine tracks, Ssss features production by both Clarke and Gore, in addition to mixing by Timothy “Q” Wiles. Peep the tracklist below, but not before you take a listen to “Spock” below. Oh, how you will dance…

    Ssss hits dancefloors on March 13th via Mute. VCMG also plan to release an EP centered around the track ”Single Blip” featuring various remixes.

    Ssss Tracklist:
    01. Lowly
    02. Zaat
    03. Spock
    04. Windup Robot
    05. Bendy Bass
    06. Single Blip
    07. Skip This Track
    08. Aftermaths
    09. Recycle

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