Check Out: Good Old War – “Can’t Go Home” (CoS Premiere)


    tumblr lzctb7xwuy1qjwk5c Check Out: Good Old War   Cant Go Home (CoS Premiere)

    Indie-folk trio Good Old War came together after the demise of prog-rock outfit Days Away, of which co-founders Tim Arnold (Old) and Keith Goodwin (Good) were members. Having already released two LPs, the last of which was 2010’s self-titled effort, they’ll return on March 6th with their third album, Come Back as Rain, via Sargent House.

    Recorded in Mike Mogis’ Nebraska studio with producer Jason Cupp, the album has been described by the band as capturing their “really natural and energetic and in your face” live show. Goodwin also mentions that the album’s core aesthetic stems from “that longing for home that happens when you’re away all the time.”

    That feeling of isolation finds a perfect means of expression in the album track “Can’t Go Home”. The track stakes on Crosby, Stills and Nash-inspired vocal harmonies and a rollicking, free-wheeling acoustic guitar. The band torques decidedly negative sentiments of loneliness into a joyous blend of folksy rhythm, wishing only for the simple comforts of home. Stream it below.


    Goold Old War – “Can’t Go Home”

    Come Back as Rain Tracklist:
    01. Over and Over
    02. Calling Me Names
    03. Amazing Eyes
    04. Better Weather
    05. Can’t Go Home
    06. Not Quite Happiness
    07. Touch the Clouds (Taste the Ground)
    08. It Hurts Every Time
    09. After the Party
    10. Loud Love
    11. Present for the End of the World

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