Check Out: Hundred Waters – “Caverns” (CoS Premiere)


    hundredwatersfront Check Out: Hundred Waters   Caverns (CoS Premiere)

    Gainesville, Florida, home to University of Florida and half a dozen roadside gas ‘n’ sips, has been brewing up local college bands for years. Lately, however, there’s been a ruckus over the eccentric sextet Hundred Waters, whose multi-instrumental sound is best described as Joanna Newsom fronting a dreamier Animal Collective, curated in part by Nicolas Jaar. That’s quite a jamboree, but there’s so much to absorb in the Florida outfit’s wall of noise that you’re bound to find more parallels. This Wednesday, February 29th, the band will release its self-titled debut via Elestial Sound, and you can download the mercurial and slightly aquatic “Caverns” below.

    The track evolves behind Nicole Miglis’ spiritualized vocals, recalling those dense moments of emotional fatigue, where all you can do is just sit back, float, and let the music coarse through your veins. It’s thick and it’s slightly somber, but only in the way Christmas hymns are at church. In other words, there’s a lot of soul beneath those delicate harmonies. Check it out below.


    Hundred Waters – “Caverns”

    As previously announced, Hundred Waters will perform at Consequence of Sound‘s stage at this year’s Orange You Glad Festival, set to take place in Orlando, FL from March 8-11th. Advance tickets cost $10, though that price goes up to $15 on the day of the show. Weekend passes are also available until March 8th for $30.00. To purchase, please visit the festival’s website.

    Check out the album’s tracklist and the band’s entire tour schedule below.

    Hundred Waters Tracklist:
    01. Sonnet
    02. Visitor
    03. Me & Anodyne
    04. Thistle
    05. Caverns
    06. · · · — — — · · ·
    07. Boreal
    08. Wonderboom!
    09. Theia
    10. Are_Or
    11. Gather


    Hundred Waters 2012 Tour Dates:
    03/01 – Tampa, FL @ Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park
    03/02 – Sarasota, FL @ The Blue Owl
    03/03 – Miami, FL @ Club Bardot
    03/04 – Tallahassee, FL @ Charles Mansion
    03/05 – Asheville, NC @ Bobo Gallery
    03/06 – Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5
    03/07 – Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium
    03/08 – New York, NY @ Piano’s
    03/09 – Athens, GA @ 424 King Ave
    03/10 – Orlando, FL @ Orange You Glad Festival
    3/11 – Gainesville, FL @ The Church of Holy Colors
    3/12 – 3/18: Austin, TX @ South by Southwest

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