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    quakers Check Out: Quakers   Fitta Happier

    Last week, we had you questioning reality when it was announced that Portishead’s multi-talented Geoff Barrow will soon release a hip-hop record under the moniker Quakers. Well, pick that gray matter off the walls, because things just got real. A track from Quakers’ forthcoming self-titled debut has now found its way online (via Pitchfork). “Fitta Happier”, just one of the 41 cuts appearing on the record, features Guilty Simpson and M.E.D. as guests. The song does indeed sample Radiohead, but instead of the Ok Computer track “Fitter Happier”, Quakers use a marching band rendition of the Kid A cut “The National Anthem”. Go figure. Take a listen below.

    Quakers – featuring Barrow under the nom de hip-hop Fuzzface, Portishead engineer Stuart Matthews aka 7-Stu-7, and Australian producer Katalyst, plus a score of guests – drops March 27th on Stones Throw Records. See the mega-sized tracklist below.

    Quakers Tracklist:
    01. Intro
    02. Big Cat (feat. Synato Watts)
    03. Fitta Happier (feat. Guilty Simpson/MED)
    04. Smoke (feat. Jonwayne)
    05. The Lo
    06. Russia With Love (feat. Coin Locker Kid)
    07. What Chew Want (feat. Tone Tank)
    08. Flapjacksmm
    09. Jobbles (feat. Quite Nyce)
    10. Sidewinder (feat. Buff 1)
    11. Mummy (feat. Diverse)
    12. Belly of the Beast (feat. Emilio Rojas)
    13. Up the Rovers
    14. The Turk: King Magnetic
    15. There It Is (feat. Raydar Ellis/Quite Nyce)
    16. RIP
    17. I Like To Dance (feat. Krondon / Steele (Smif-N-Wessun)
    18. Dark City Lights (feat. Frank Nitt)
    19. The Beginning (feat. Coin Locker Kid)
    20. Kreem
    21. War Drums (feat. Phat Kat/Guilty Simpson)
    22. R.A.I.D. (feat. Lyric Jones)
    23. Fresh
    24. Something Beautiful
    25. Chicken Livers (feat. FC the Truth)
    26. Rock My Soul (feat. Prince Po)
    27. Lost and Found (feat. Estee Nack)
    28. My Mantra (feat. Dave Dub)
    29. Hunnypots of Beeswax
    30. TV Dreaming (feat. Booty Brown)
    31. Don’t Make It Worthless
    32. Soul Power (feat. Dead Prez)
    33. Glide
    34. Get Live (feat. Coin Locker Kid)
    35. Sign Language (feat. Aloe Blacc)
    36. Earth Quaking (feat. Akil)
    37. You’re Gonna Be Sorry
    38. Outlaw (feat. Deed)
    39. The Tax Man (feat. Poems (Sharlock Poems)
    40. Chucky Balboa (feat. Silverust)
    41. Oh Goodness (feat. Finale)


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