J Mascis and The Electronic Anthology Project rework Dinosaur Jr. songs


    Bizarro world continues to expand, this time it involves J Mascis and Built to Spill bassist Brett Nelson’s Electronic Anthology Project. As Pitchfork reports, the two are currently working together to rework past Dinosaur Jr. anthems into synth-pop tracks. Try and swallow that one for a second…okay, let’s continue.

    Due out Record Store Day (ahem, April 21st), the nine-track project will receive a limited-edition run of 500 purple vinyl records, to be followed with a proper digital, CD, and vinyl release later. For a first taste of the mayhem, head here, where you can listen to the synths drown out Dino classic “Tarpit”. It’s not too jarring; in fact, fans of late ’80s synth-pop will smile incessantly. Maybe.

    Check out the full tracklist below, and add this one to your RSD “must-haves” list – if only, for that purple vinyl!

    The Electronic Anthology Project of Dinosaur Jr. Tracklist:
    01. Sludgefest
    02. Pond Song
    03. Raisans
    04. In a Jar
    05. The Lung
    06. Kracked
    07. Tarpit
    08. Little Fury Things
    09. Feel the Pain