Sasquatch!’s 2012 Lineup: One Day Later


    Sasquatch!’s 2012 lineup is officially one day old and that means it’s time for some post-reveal analysis. In the pages that follow, we run through the biggest highlights and surprises appearing on this year’s bill, in addition to the most glaring omissions. We also highlight five names worth knowing as you prepare for Memorial Day weekend at the Gorge.



    Stalk enough festival forums and you’ll see Beck’s name pop up every now and then. Shortly after these wishlist proposals there’s typically a textual scoff and/or write off – and with good reason. Too many times has Mr. Hansen gone unlisted on many a festival lineup. This year, however, Sasquatch! puts the doubters to shame. Whatever magic Adam Zacks used to get Beck on his lineup, he should share. Otherwise, how the hell are we to ever see Bowie on a lineup? -Michael Roffman

    Jack White

    It’s only been a week that we’ve really known Jack White as a solo artist. Producer? Sure. Band leader? Of course. But, he’s yet to really branch out on his own. With Blunderbuss due out April 24th, he’ll have a collection of tracks fresh and new for Memorial Day weekend. Let’s be real, though, do we really expect him to stick only to his solo album? Absolutely not. Fans should expect something special for this set, whether it’s dipping back into his diverse back catalog(s), or knocking out a slew of covers both favorite and new. He’ll have a full band in tow, so anything is possible. We’d be willing to bet that several artists might want to jam out with him, too. Who wouldn’t? -Michael Roffman


    Photo by James Goulden

    With a new record due out this spring and a pretty extensive support tour lined up for later this year, Spiritualized looked like a likely candidate for a sub-headlining slot on every festival this summer. Kudos to Sasquatch! then for being the first and only festival (so far) this year to book J Spaceman & Co. for a performance. -Möhammad Choudhery


    No better place to dream of the ’90s than at the Gorge – well, except for Portland. Still, given the awe-inspiring terrain that surrounds Sasquatch!, Portlandia‘s Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein should have myriad characters that love or hate the festival’s vibes (with or without a dose of irony). Also, it offers a chance to the hundreds of fans who couldn’t get tickets to their recent sold out tour. Much like Mr. White, we’re thinking Fred and Carrie will have plenty of pals joining them on-stage. So, if you’re planning on going, be sure to charge up your camera, and pickle your snacks, and wear that Eddie Vedder tattoo of yours without shame. -Michael Roffman


    Scottish five-piece Mogwai announced last week that their upcoming U.S. tour would be their last before an extended hiatus and Sasquatch! would serve as the kick off. Disclaimer: It will get loud. -Möhammad Choudhery



    Aside from his appearance at Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit, Beck performed only one show last year. It was his first in two years and he didn’t necessarily phone in it. He played for two hours and over two sets that spanned 21 songs. Truth is, despite the sparkling appearance late last year, few festivalgoers expected Beck to come out of his slumber. He hasn’t released an album since 2008’s Modern Guilt and aside from a few remixes there is little to no evidence that he’s set to issue an album. That’s okay, though. Now that he’s confirmed, it opens up a whole slew of questions, all starting with “why”. We’ll figure out that later, but for now, we’re expecting a set similar to Wilco’s last year: heavy on the hits, light on the fluff. -Michael Roffman

    Jack White

    Did we mention that he only announced his solo career a few days ago? Nobody pegged him, especially not as a headliner. Case closed. -Michael Roffman

    John Reilly & Friends

    The Reilly in question is John C. Reilly, star of such cinematic masterpieces as Step Brothers and Boogie Nights; the accompanying Friends are folk musicians Becky Stark & Tom Brosseau. Together, the trio have played a couple of shows and released a two-song single via Third Man Records. With this booking decision, Sasquatch! promoters have simultaneously given a young band the fastest and biggest break in recorded music history while demonstrating that a little star power can go a looooong way. -Chris Coplan

    Tenacious D

    In 2009, Tenacious D subbed for Beastie Boys and closed Outside Lands with a savory blend of crude comedy and balls-to-the-all rock ‘n’ roll. That was three years ago, though. Since then, Jack Black has stuck close with film, while Kyle Gass has tended to his own solo ventures. Early last year, Black did declare there would be a new D album by year’s end – shortly before joining Foo Fighters on a handful of Australian dates – but that never came to fruition. Instead, they’ve been quite mum – until yesterday. How coincidental that they’d announce a new album the day of Sasquatch!’s lineup announcement? Not quite clever sorcery, but it did strike us from left field. -Michael Roffman

    Return of Comedy

    If there was one thing missing from last year’s line up…it was the laughs. Okay, that was a tad cheesy, but it’s true. In previous years, the festival’s booked some stellar comedians; everyone from Aziz Ansari to Craig Robinson to Patton Oswalt. In fact, in 2007, Michael Showalter even appeared on stage as Alan Shemper a la 2000’s Wet Hot American Summer. For 2011, Adam Zacks clearly wants to laugh. In addition to booking both Portlandia and Tenacious D, he’s also tagged comedians Todd Barry, Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Beardyman, Rob Delaney, Pete Holmes, and Howard Kremer. Comedy is difficult to pull off at a festival sometimes, and after last year’s exclusion, festivalgoers had a right to think it wouldn’t return. Thank god that’s not the case. -Michael Roffman


    My Morning Jacket

    Photo by Nate Slevin

    My Morning Jacket may have just play Sasquatch! two years ago, but Jim James and co. were favorites among prognosticators in the week leading up to the festival’s lineup. After all, the band is coming off another monster year and are already set to appear at the New Orleans Jazz Fest earlier in the month. To paraphrase the immortal Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat, this is where you should feel silly, Sasquatch! -Chris Coplan


    Major US festivals are now 0 for 2 in 2012 on Icelandic mega-pop stars. Though her 2012 tour calendar includes stops in 13 countries and a convenient gap right around both Coachella and Sasquatch!, she’s conspicuously absent from both lineups, with her only US dates scheduled thus far being a month-long NYC residency for the better part of February. Fingers crossed for Bonnaroo and/or Lollapalooza! -Möhammad Choudhery

    At The Drive-In

    Once the cat was out the bag on ATDI’s reunion, everyone thought, Well, they’ve gotta play [insert your favorite festival]. Given that Sasquatch! is the latest major American festival announce, and ATDI is nowhere to be found, it certainly doesn’t bode well for those not attending Coachella. Then again, wasn’t there an incident at Sasquatch!’s 2008 event involving Cedric Bixler-Zavala? Or was that just hearsay? -Winston Robbins

    Non-Seattle Hip Hop

    West coast hip-hop has far exceeded the boundaries associated with “blown up”, thanks in part to up and comers Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolBoy Q. Looking at Sasquatch!’s lineup, however, one might not be able to discern that, with the only major rap acts being Childish Gambino and (to a way lesser extent) local heroes Shabazz Palaces. Sasquatch! shouldn’t compete with the Coachella’s of the world (who this year have yet another rap-centric set of headliners in Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg), but with their beloved, often-under-appreciated home coast so big at the moment, one would expect more hip-hop offerings. Who knows, maybe John Reilly will end up spitting a few bars. -Chris Coplan

    The Avett Brothers

    With another Rick Rubin-produced studio album on the way and a slew of dates already scheduled for the spring, Sasquatch! ’09 alums The Avett Brothers seemed like a shoe-in for this year’s festival. Not to mention their folk-rock leanings and vivid lyrics would provide quite the soundtrack as the sun sets behind the Gorge. Cross your fingers for poor Mayan math skills and call your local congressional member so we can make this happen next year. -Alex Young