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    By now, you’ve already heard about how thousands of acts hit Austin, TX each March for South by Southwest. This is just a known thing. And while most of the head turners are established acts performing rare, once-in-a-lifetime concerts within intimate venues (y’know, like Bruce or Jack), it’s really about the young, budding artists showcasing “what they’ve got.”

    We saw those, too. We saw plenty.

    That’s why each CoS writer who hit the streets of Austin last week came back with two new favorite acts. These were ones that stuck to their shoes, their hearts, and now their iPods. We call ’em “CoSigns” because we’re all willing to “co-sign” on all of the talent here. Get it?

    Figured it was clever enough. Anyways, now that you’ve got all the necessary context, go ahead and check out what could be your next favorite new act. We’ve got 10 in all.

    -Michael Roffman


    cos chair 7 CoSigns at South by Southwest

    Photo by Heather Kaplan

    Mea culpa, guys. I really like Chairlift. So much that I saw them three times (two and a half, really) during South by Southwest instead of trying to discover a hot, new band. Why? Because Chairlift is that band. The band’s tight, lush, and bass-heavy live sound, signing with Columbia for its latest LP Something, and gigging themselves to the bone at SXSW (slap together Chairlift’s SXSW tweets together with Patrick Wimberly and Caroline Polachek’s individual ones, it reads like reports from a death march of alcohol, hangovers, and sleep-deprived exhaustion) could and should really get the band places. At each show I went to, “Amanaemonesia” got the industry-heavy crowd noticeably more hyped. Every time Polachek twirled herself around during the joyful “I Belong in Your Arms”, some of the crowd swooned with her. The band, and its music, belong in your arms. -Paul de Revere

    “I Belong In Your Arms”:

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