Top 10 Videos of the Week (3/8)


    “I’m looking for something that’ll… break through. You know?” James Woods’ Max Renn yearns in David Cronenberg’s 1983 cult classic Videodrome. Oh, how things have changed. In today’s day and age, we’ve already drowned in media. It’s swallowed us. We’re nothing but a bubble amidst one infinite, engulfing abyss. Intimidated? You should be. With each passing second, you’re losing opportunities to take advantage of a culture that’s moving ahead and at an exhausting rate. You could very well be alone… left behind… abandoned. Terrified yet? Yes? Well, that’s more like it.

    -Michael Roffman

    The Big Pink – “Give It Up”

    When children of the 1990’s start getting old, I imagine this is what their equivalent of an “acid flashback” will look like. The Big Pink manage to deliver something best appreciated by those who spent years in sweaty techno clubs dropping E and experimenting with neon.

    Björk – “Hollow”

    For her new video Björk collaborated with a real-life biomedical animator in an attempt to gives us all a refresher of our 8th grade biology class. Maybe we all would have paid more attention back then if Björk had been there.

    Brown Shoe – “Sweet Crazy Baby”

    Someone forgot to tell the guys from Brown Shoe that singing to ballerinas is already Kanye’s thing. Oh well, at least they can harmonize better than he can.