Lollapalooza’s 2012 Lineup: One Day Later


    lollapalooza 2012 line up e1334168673139 Lollapaloozas 2012 Lineup: One Day Later

    Lollapalooza’s 2012 lineup is officially one day old and that means it’s time for some post-reveal analysis. In the pages that follow, we run through the biggest highlights and surprises appearing on this year’s bill, in addition to the most glaring omissions. We also highlight five names worth knowing as you prepare for your summer vacay in the 312.


    At-the Drive In

    at the drive in feat Lollapaloozas 2012 Lineup: One Day Later

    Not only is this the hottest reunion act of 2012, but Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez have yet to appear at Lollapalooza. Believe or not, The Mars Volta have never appeared at the festival (though, Sparta did in 2006). So, to make up for all that lost time with Cedric and Omar, the festival did one better and booked their old act. Based on videos from their first performance this past week, we should be in for one hell of a show. Odds are a few us close-to-thirtysomethings will lose our shit during “Arc Arsenal”. -Michael Roffman

    Jack White

    jack white 2012 Lollapaloozas 2012 Lineup: One Day Later

    Have you read the reviews from his live gigs yet? Mr. White hasn’t just performed material off of his forthcoming solo LP, Blunderbuss, but he’s also been digging into his archives – all of his archives. He’ll knock out White Stripes tracks, ice off The Raconteurs’ stuff, and even give the ol’ Dead Weather material another go around. Throw in a couple of covers and you’ve got yourself a fucking combo meal a la Jack White. When you think of it like that, there’s little reason to go elsewhere. -Michael Roffman

    Sigur Rós

    sigur ros Lollapaloozas 2012 Lineup: One Day Later

    Don’t do this, but you can if you want: Scroll through the years of “wish list” posts on the Lollapalooza Message Board. Odds are you’ll see Sigur Rós pop up in every other entry. It happens each year. Finally, it’s a reality, and now it’s sort of surreal to think about seeing the Icelandic export in Grant Park. One has to hope they perform near dark, or at dusk, and not under the scorching hot summer sun that attacks everyone every August in Chicago. Seriously, it would just be awful to hear “Untitled 4” at three o’clock in the afternoon. -Michael Roffman

    The Weeknd

    the weeknd Lollapaloozas 2012 Lineup: One Day Later

    You know what they say: the second time’s a charm, and this is The Weeknd’s second U.S. festival appearance (if he hadn’t just announced a tour, it would be his second U.S. appearance, period). From the bootleg recordings we’ve seen of his limited overseas performances, Abel Tesfaye’s otherworldly voice and nasty lyrics hit just as hard live as they do recorded. And if he can make hundreds of people sing along, can you imagine what Lolla’s thousands will sound like? -Harley Brown

    Frank Ocean

     Lollapaloozas 2012 Lineup: One Day Later

    Like The Weeknd, Odd Future R&B wunderkind Frank Ocean will play his first Lollapalooza and second U.S. festival performance following limited live performances in support of his standout solo mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra. It’s the perfect strategy to build hype for his forthcoming debut LP, especially since plans for a physical Nostalgia, Lite have been abandoned. Between producing an official album, playing Coachella and Lolla, and opening for Coldplay overseas, 2012 is going to be a good year for Frank Ocean. -Harley Brown

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