Audiography: Episode 039: “Keith Morris (of OFF!)”


    On this edition of Audiography, we have audio reviews from the newest albums by noise makers HEALTH, underground hip-hop pioneer El-P, Colin Caulfield’s Young Man, and musician-comedian Reggie Watts. We also interview Keith Morris, original vocalist for Black Flag, founding member of the Circle Jerks, and now leader of hardcore punk supergroup OFF!. We caught up with Morris just before the band’s first full length drop and as the band was preparing their tour. We talked about the formation of OFF!, the reasoning behind such short songs, the party train that was the Circle Jerks, and why you won’t hear any Black Flag or Circle Jerks’ songs on tour.

    Featured Music:
    01. Young Man – “21” (excerpt), “Do” (excerpt)
    02. HEALTH – “Tears” (excerpt), “The Imperial Palace” (excerpt)
    03. Reggie Watts – “Havin’ Sex”, “Thanks/Silencer”, “Tweet Yourself Right”
    04. El-P – “$4 VicFTL” (excerpt), “Works Every Time” (excerpt)
    05. ZZ Top – “La Grange” (excerpt)
    06. OFF! – “Wiped Out”, “Feelings Are Meant To Be Hurt”, “Jet Black Girls”, “I Got News For You”, “King Kong Brigade”
    07. Circle Jerks – “World Up My Ass” (Group Sex)
    08. The Dream Syndicate – “Halloween” (Days of Wine and Roses)

    Audiography Episode 039 – “Keith Morris (of OFF!)”
    Written and Produced by Len Comaratta, Alex Young, Michael Roffman, Adam Kivel, Nick Freed, Jeremy Larson and Bryant Kitching.



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