Check Out: Fang Island – “Asunder”


     Check Out: Fang Island   Asunder

    As previously reported, Rhode Island math-rock trio Fang Island will return with their sophomore LP, Major, on July 24th via Sargent House. With an aim to create an effort of non-stop, mega-sized hooks, the band is certainly off to a proper start with the album’s first song, “Asunder”. It’s a majestic bit of prog rock, with grandiose guitars that dart up and down and anthemic vocals that swell with emotion without losing their Zen-like balance. And though the track sort of falters without ever reaching an apex, that one-two punch is enough to stick with you all day. Download the mp3 below (via Pitchfork) and then check out the full tracklist.

    Fang Island – “Asunder”

    Major Tracklist:
    01. Kindergarten
    02. Sisterly
    03. Seek it Out
    04. Make Me
    05. Never Understand
    06. Asunder
    07. Dooney Rock
    08. Regalia
    09. Chompers
    10. Chime Out
    11. Victorinian

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