Festival Review: The Top Sets at Movement 2012


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    According to production company Paxahua’s Chuck Flask (via Detroit’s Metro Times), “David Guetta approached us about it [Movement], but we said no.” My guess is the current king of electronic dance music isn’t used to rejection. Following the mayhem of Skrillex’s 2011 Movement performance, which happened at the cusp of the producer’s current momentous rise, the team behind Paxahua have become even more vigilant on how they curate, not just book, the city’s celebration of techno.

    Now in it’s thirteenth year, Movement finds the balance between heritage (Jeff Mills, Lil’ Louis, Public Enemy) and what’s next (Dillon Francis, araabMUZIK, The Martinez Brothers). The base is Detroit Techno, polished mixes buried beneath a gritty façade that harkens back to the end of the Motor City’s heyday, but for Memorial Day weekend the five stages that line the concrete park of Hart Plaza contain droney minimalism, sparkling Eurohouse, odd analog experimentation, and yes, epic amounts of Jump Up bass drops.


    In the spirit of Movement, this excursion was about discovering something new. With ample amounts of water, and a few back up pairs of earplugs, the following is a journey into the top ten acts that I haven’t seen, but more importantly, would drop plans to witness once again. With nearly 100 artists to explore, a simple numeric matrix helped the tasks — crowd energy, technical ability, and entourage — with ties being alleviated through the number of inflatable toys.

    Honorable Mention: Maya Jane Coles

    maya jane coles 1 beatport stage sunday e1338318008790 Festival Review: The Top Sets at Movement 2012

    Beatport Stage – Sunday – 4:30 p.m.

    Sans laptop, Maya Jane Coles commanded the crowd with her CDJ prowess. With ample amounts of vocals, the melodic tech-house set sat at the intersection of sexy, club late night and dance pop. The only reason Coles doesn’t make it higher on the list is the sheer amount of high-profile producers that lined the stage. Conversations with Heidi, Claude VonStoke, and dOP were a massive distraction, but a sign this young Brit has the respect of coveted international artists.

    10. Dopplereffekt

    dopplereffekt underground stage sunday e1338318060992 Festival Review: The Top Sets at Movement 2012

    Underground Stage – Sunday – 7:00 p.m.

    Equipped with only a pair of keyboard DAWs, the masked duo behind Dobblereffekt performed a live segment of minimalist musique concrète and moody, industrial new wave. Trailing up-and-comers in the bass scene, the set seemed to land on deaf ears, with hordes of fans exiting upon realizing the slow churning deep bass lines would not be ending in a massive drop. A more receptive crowd would have been appreciated, but for those left underground, the sub-bass seeped into the mind space and created narratives of robotic diaries. Is it true that androids dream of electric sheep?

    Crowd Energy: 1.5
    Technical Ability: 3
    Entourage: 0


    09. GRiZ/Two Fresh

    griz two fresh underground stage sunday Festival Review: The Top Sets at Movement 2012

    Underground Stage – Sunday – 3:00 p.m.

    Detroit-native GRiZ’ set was mired in a massive technical difficulty, due to perspiration seeping inside of his Mac’s trackpad, but fellow new-school bass-maestros Two Fresh stepped up to hype the crowd through a laptop change. The set of all originals and self-made edits resembled Pretty Lights on a speed binge, with hype-bass throbbing beneath organic hip-hop motifs.

    Crowd Energy: 3.5
    Technical Ability: 1
    Entourage: 1.5


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