Video: Sigur Rós debuts “Dauðalogn” on The Vampire Diaries


    sigur ros valtari Video: Sigur Rós debuts Dauðalogn on The Vampire Diaries

    The final scene in the final episode in season three of The Vampire Diaries featured the world premiere of “Dauðalogn” from Sigur Rós’ new LP Valtari. If you don’t mind listening to your Sigur Rós alongside scenes of teenagers drowning in a locked car, two bros fighting, and other over-dramatic story lines I can’t even begin to describe/interpret, then check out the clip featuring “Dauðalogn” below.

    Valtari arrives May 29th via EMI/XL. We’ve also heard “Ekki Múkk” and Varúð (thankfully without sexed up teen commentary.)

    Valtari Tracklist:
    01. Ég Anda
    02. Ekki Múkk
    03. Varúð
    04. Rembihnútur
    05. Dauðalogn
    06. Varðeldur
    07. Valtari
    08. Fjögur Pianó

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