Audiography: Episode 040: “Al Jardine and David Marks (of The Beach Boys)”


    In this edition of Audiography, we feature reviews of the latest albums by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Future Unlimited, and Crocodiles. We also feature a two-part interview between Consequence of Sound’s Len Comaratta and Al Jardine and David Marks of The Beach Boys. We discuss what it was like making the reunion record, That’s Why God Made the Radio, the division of labor in the band’s early days between their appearance and the studio, why it took Jardine so long to complete a solo album, Marks’ early time with the band, what led him to study music in Boston, why he didn’t come back in ’71..

    Featured Music:
    01. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – “Man on Fire” (excerpt), “All Wash Out” (excerpt)
    02. Future Unlimited – “When It Calls” (excerpt), “Easy Ways” (excerpt)
    03. Crocodiles – “No Black Clouds for Dee Dee” (excerpt), “My Surfing Lucifer” (excerpt)
    04. The Beach Boys – “Think About the Days” (That’s Why God Made the Radio)
    05. The Beach Boys – “County Fair” (Surfin’ Sufari)
    06. The Beach Boys – “Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song)” (20 20)
    07. Al Jardine – “San Simeon” (A Postcard From California)
    08. The Beach Boys – “Shut Down” (Surfin’ USA)
    09. The Moon – “Mothers and Fathers” (Without Earth and the Moon)
    10. The Beach Boys – “Pacific Coast Highway” (That’s Why God Made the Radio)

    Audiography Episode 040 – “Al Jardine and David Marks (of The Beach Boys)”
    Written and Produced by Len Comaratta, Alex Young, Ben Kaye, Michael Roffman, Chris Coplan, Adam Kivel, Megan Ritt, Bryant Kitching, Ryan Staskel, and Nick Freed



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