Audiography: Episode 042: “David Prowse (of Japandroids)”


    On this edition of Audiography, we feature reviews of the lates releases by CHAPPO, Guided By Voices, and Metric. In addition, Consequence of Sound‘s Len Comaratta caught up with David Prowse, drummer of Japandroids, to talk about the new album Celebration Rock, what went into it, and how the two managed such a fresh sound despite working with the same players. Prowse also explains the decision behind the band’s breakup before being signed, Polyvinyl’s initial hesitation at the title of the new album, and about changing controversial lyrics, as they did with their cover of the Gun Club’s “For the Love of Ivy”.

    Featured Music:
    01. CHAPPO – “Come Home” (excerpt), “5-O” (excerpt) (Moonwater)
    02. Guided By Voices – “Billy Wire”(excerpt), “All of This Will Go” (excerpt) (Class Clown Spots a UFO)
    03. Metric – “Speed the Collapse” (excerpt), “Youth Without Youth” (excerpt) (Synthetica)
    04. Japandroids – “Wet Hair” (Post-Nothing)
    05. Japandroids – “Fire’s Highway”,“The House That Heaven Built”, “For the Love of Ivy”, “Younger Us” (Celebration Rock)
    06. Cadence Weapon – “Do I Miss My Friends” (Afterparty Babies)

    Audiography Episode 042 – “David Prowse (of Japandroids)”
    Written and Produced by Len Comaratta, Alex Young, Michael Roffman, Chris Coplan, Ben Kaye, Harley Brown, Bryant Kitching, Justin Gerber, Nick Freed, Frank Mojica, and Adam Kivel



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