Top 10 mp3s of the Week (6/15)


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    With countless new songs dropping every week, it can be hard to pick just ten to bring you. This week, for instance, was especially difficult, as there were some jams that were shoo-ins for the final cut but also some tracks whose inclusion required extra deliberation. However, the following batch should hold up well, with summer-happy cuts from Passion Pit and Superchunk as well as sturdy rap bangers from the likes of Maybach Music and Detroit newcomer FowL. As per always, enjoy, and we’ll see ya back here next week.

    -Mike Madden
    Staff Writer

    The Alchemist feat. Danny Brown & ScHoolboy Q – “Flight Confirmation”

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    California producer/MC The Alchemist is set to release Russian Roulette July 17th on Decon, and the album is chock full of big names from the indie rap world. Two of the biggest make appearances on the title track, as Detroit’s Danny Brown and L.A.’s ScHoolboy Q drop in for some verses, including Q quoting ODB and Brown . The real star of the show, though, may be Alchemist’s swanky horn and string sample. -Adam Kivel

    Dusted – “Pale Light”

    dusted Top 10 mp3s of the Week (6/15)

    As Dusted, the team of Brian Borcherdt (of Holy Fuck) and producer Leon Taheny move in a decidedly less electronic world from the former’s other project, and more similar to the latter’s time working on Final Fantasy records. The second cut from their debut full-length, Total Dust (July 10th, via Polyvinyl/Hand Drawn Dracula), “Pale Light” is a lonely bit of rough-hewn languish, Borcherdt’s voice distorted and moaning over a choppy guitar. Swinging, diving violins add to the sense of pain, the whole thing fuzzy and mirroring lyrics about an attempt to “break the surface.” -Adam Kivel

    FowL – “Spark Up”

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    On the strength of perfectly mixed drums and cyclical guitar loops that evoke Freddie Gibbs’ “For My Niggas”, “Spark Up” is the best candidate thus far to put Detroit rapper FowL on a broader map. One look at the title and it should be obvious what the song is basically about, but while there are weed references here, FowL also adds some doses of straight-up Midwestern confidence, courtesy of his coarse yet supple technical skills: “Every breath I take, I take it like the last one/ So I’ma son yo’ ass in case I never have one.” Produced by Clockwork Muzik (Chip Tha Ripper, Gibbs, Ray Cash), it’s off FowL’s forthcoming Tall Tale LP. -Mike Madden

    Maybach Music Group – “Power Circle”

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    Posse cuts are common in rap, but nine-minute tracks with six different MCs? While the piano-powered beat here might not be the most special thing you’ve heard any of these guys rap over, it’s definitely a treat to hear all these guys jump on a single track, just going in without making room for a chorus. After Ricky Rozay’s kinda blase opening verse (“You niggas Spud Webb, comin’ up short/ I think ya Dee Brown/ Jump if ya want”), the rest of the MMG camp comes in with solid bars, the best of which come from Meek Mill and, especially, Kendrick Lamar. Also, when was the last time Gunplay took to a beat this quiet? From the forthcoming Self Made Vol. 2 comp. -Mike Madden

    Mission of Burma – “Second Television”

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    Post-punk mainstays Mission of Burma are about to release their fourth post-reunion full-length, Unsound (due July 9th, from Fire Records), and “Second Television” is the second track released from the album. The relatively jangly barrage of guitars, smooth vocals, cymbal crashes and propulsive bass lead to a scream and clang climax, the whole band powering through to a massive rock conclusion. -Adam Kivel

    Passion Pit – “I’ll Be Alright”

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    The second single from Passion Pit’s Gossamer (out July 24th via Columbia), “I’ll Be Alright” couples a familiar lyrical concept with atypical, rushing musical textures to create something at once adventurous and easily approachable. Essentially a breakup song, it finds Michael Angelakos trying to be content with his partner leaving him but ultimately realizing he might not be so well off if it happens: “You should go if you want to/ I’ll be alright,” then, “I won’t let you go/ Unless I’ll be alright.” Musically, the song is a twin of Yeasayer’s “Ambling Alp”, with unrelenting, experimental electronics working as a canvas for pop structure. Also, anyone who’s been bothered by Angelakos’s falsetto in the past shouldn’t have much of a problem with it here, as “Alright” has it as polished and fleshed-out as ever. -Mike Madden

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