Audiography: Episode 044: “Reggie Watts”


    In this edition of Audiography, we have reviews of the latest albums by Chandeliers, Echo Lake, and Henry Clay People. We also feature an interview between Consequence of Sound and Nerdy Show’s Cap Blackard and comedian musician Reggie Watts.

    As a solo performer, Watts noodles, loops, speaks, and sings in a stream-of-consciousness blur that’s just as hilarious as it is surreal. His comedy is a byproduct of introducing unlikely words and sounds to an audience, with his performances and subsequent recordings consisting of beat-boxed acid jazz about topics as diverse as noble gases and sex.

    Blackard dialed up Watts to talk with him about his work on IFC’s latest show Comedy Bang Bang, his collaborations and freestyles, re-soundtracking Ridley Scott’s Legend, and getting actor Jon Hamm to improvise a song.


    Featured Music:
    01. Chandeliers – “Tropical Pocket” (excerpt), “New Times” (excerpt)
    02. Echo Lake – “Further Down” (excerpt), “Even the Blind” (excerpt)
    03. Henry Clay People – “25 For the Rest of Our Lives” (excerpt), “Hide” (excerpt)
    04. Reggie Watts – Score to Legend (excerpt)
    05. Jon Hamm & Reggie Watts – “Theme to Taxi
    06. Reggie Watts – “Time”

    Audiography Episode 044 – “Reggie Watts”
    Written and Produced by Len Comaratta, Alex Young, Chris Coplan, Michael Roffman, Ben Kaye, Adam Kivel, Jake Cohen, Bryant Kitching, Jon Bernstein, Nick Freed, Cap Blackard


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