Jay Electronica’s debut album features Kanye West, Jay-Z, Ronald Reagan


    Jay Electronica has tweeted the tracklist for his long-in-the-works debut, Act II: Patents Of Nobility, and it packs some big names. Jay-Z and Kanye West appear on two tracks each — including a track called “New Illuminati” featuring West. Other contributors include The-Dream, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, the late Serge Gainsbourg, Serge’s daughter Charlotte, and even Ronald Reagan (!). Erykah Badu’s Twitter handle is also listed, so expect her too.

    Below, you can listen to a version of “Dinner at Tiffanys (The Shiny Suit Theory)” from November 2010. It features Jay-Z, The-Dream, and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

    “Shiny Suit Theory” (feat. Jay-Z & The-Dream)

    Act 2: Patents Of Nobility Tracklist:
    01. Real Magic (feat. Ronald Regan)
    02. New Illuminati (feat. Kanye West)
    03. Patents of Nobility
    04. Life on Mars (@FatBellyBella)
    05. Bonnie & Clyde guest starring Serge Gainsbourg
    06. Dinner at Tiffanys (The Shiny Suit Theory) (feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jay-Z & The-Dream)
    07. Memories & Merlot
    08. Better in Tune with the Infinite (feat. Latonya Givens)
    09. A Letter to Falon
    10. Road to Perdition (feat. Jay-Z)
    11. Welcome to Knightsbridge (feat. Sean Diddy Combs)
    12. Rough Love (feat. Kanye West)
    13. Run & Hide guest starring The Bullitts
    14. Nights of the Roundtable (first draft skeleton)
    15. 10,000 Lotus Petals