New Music: The Bastards of Fate – “Lightswitch” (Eternal Summers cover) (CoS Premiere)


    yourehere New Music: The Bastards of Fate   Lightswitch (Eternal Summers cover) (CoS Premiere)

    Virginia indie label Sewn Together Records is celebrating the rich and burgeoning music scene of its home state with a locals-only covers compilation called You Are Here: Local Bands Covering Local Bands. For their part, avant rockers The Bastards of Fate tackler Eternal Summers’ “Lightswitch”. (Fun fact: both bands’ recent albums, Who’s A Fuzzy Buddy? and Correct Behavior respectively, were engineered by John Thompson).

    The Bastards transmogrify the sweet, strummy number into a full-on auditory beatdown, assailing the listener with layers and layers of fuzzy dissonance and mismatched, often strained harmonies. On the plus side, it’s the kind of disarming experience you can’t help but jam out to.


    The Bastards of Fate were formed in 2006 by frontman Doug Cheatwood, who at the time was working two jobs as an innkeeper and grocer. Eventually, Cheatwood was joined by guitarist Benji Pugh, keyboardist Camellia Delk, bassist Jason Wellz, and drummer Doug Shelor, which lead to a run of successful shows in Roanoke. Following a string of bad luck (broken equipment, being banned from several clubs, and a burned-down practice space), the band released their debut LP, the aforementioned Who’s A Fuzzy Buddy?, this past March via This Will Be Our Summer Records.

    You Are Here: Local Bands Covering Local Bands is slated to hit shelves in October (pre-order your copy here). Other bands featured include The Young Sinclairs, Marshall Hicks, and Illbotz.

    You Are Here: Local Bands Covering Local Bands Tracklist:
    01. The Deadline – Falcor (Riders of the Mark cover)
    02. Didn’t You Baby – Marshall Hicks (Young Sinclairs cover)
    03. Triangulate – John Barry Conception (Way Shape or Form cover)
    04. Lightswitch – The Bastards of Fate (Eternal Summers cover)
    05. The Distance – Mirror Kisses (Boys Lie cover)
    06. No More Graves – The Missionaries (Sad Cobras cover)
    07. Disconnected – The Situationist (Receptors cover)
    08. My Baby Hates the Misfits – Illbotz (The Makeout cover)
    09. I Loved You Enough to Leave You – The Young Sinclairs (Charles Cullen cover)
    10. Show Your Teeth – On the Cooling Board (3 AM Friday cover)
    11. Nothing Lost – The Nonnonchalants (John Barry Conception cover)
    12. I Do This – Heevahava (John Barry Conception cover)


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