Top 10 Videos of the Week (10/23)


staticcloudf Top 10 Videos of the Week (10/23)

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” -Willy Wonka

Aesop Rock – “Cycles to Gehenna”

Something tells me that after this video, urban ballet is going to be come the hottest new trend.

Bob Mould – “The Descent”

We all know work can be tough, and everyone has their own ways of escaping the rat race. Bob Mould, for example, goes full-on Bear Grylls and creates his very own sanctuary in the woods.

Fast Planet – “Columbus”

I’m just as against bullying as the next person, but I’m not sure that having a creepy guy in a bird mask drown all perpetrators is the answer to the problem.

Frightened Rabbit – “State Hospital”

There’s a reason people hate hospitals, and it’s places like the bleak, depressing wards shown here in this clip from Scottish rockers, Frightened Rabbit. Not exactly an uplifting story, but powerful nonetheless.

Garbage – “Big Bright World”

Talk about a misleading song title. This latest video from Garbage is about as dark and gloomy as they come.

Grimes – “Genesis”

Maybe some of Claire Boucher’s recent success has gone to her head, because not a single second of this music video makes a bit of sense. Nevertheless, I’ve got to get me a pair of those ultra-high top Nikes.

Killer Mike – “Untitled”

Who said hip-hop can’t be high art? Here, Killer Mike recreates some famous paintings with himself cast as the centerpiece.

Milo Greene – “Don’t You Give Up On Me”

This video from Milo Greene is the latest in a series that follows a scruffy protagonists as he chases an enchanting re-wigged woman across Sierra Nevada Mountain’s Shaver Lake. This particular clip happens to be the third installment of the saga.

Public Enemy – “RLTK”

Once you get to be as as well know and respected as Public Enemy, you really don’t need to bother with huge budgets or intricate plots when it comes to music videos. It’s also nice to see that DMC still hasn’t outgrown his Adidas after all these years.

The xx – “Angels Live in Tokyo”

I wonder what The xx order from room service when they stay at hotels. My guess is just a tray of ice cubes with a side of black mascara.