Video: MellowHype – “La Bonita”

Mellowhype La Bonita

    Mellowhype La Bonita

    Odd Future offshoot MellowHype (Hodgy Beats and Left Brain) have released the video for “La Bonita”, the lead single off their new album Numbers. Though Hodgy envisions his bonitas in black and white wearing some Dia de los Muertos makeup backed by a mariachi band wearing Mexican wrestling masks, he insists this song “ain’t only for the Spanish girls.”

    Numbers is due out October 9th (one week later than originally reported) via Odd Future Records. You can see the album’s tracklist and artwork below.

    Numbers Tracklist:
    01. Grill
    02. 65/Breakfast
    03. Astro
    04. NDJKHSIF
    05. La Bonita
    06. Beat
    07. Snare
    08. Untitled L
    09. LeFlair
    10. Monster
    11. 666
    12. P2
    13. GNC
    14. Brain
    15. Under 2
    16. Break