Audiography: Episode 056: “Adam Duritz (of Counting Crows)”


    On this edition of Audiography, we feature the latest news as well as an extended interview with Adam Duritz, leader of melancholic pop legends Counting Crows. As Counting Crows prepared to release their latest album, Underwater Sunshine, an album of covers from some of the Crows’ biggest influences, Consequence of Sound’s Len Comaratta caught up with Duritz.

    While talking with the garrulous vocalist, the two covered topics as diverse as the Soft Boys and Big Star, the music industry in the age of blogs and bit torrent, working with film and theatre in addition to music, the effect Kurt Cobain’s suicide had on Duritz, and how he viewed his own ascension into the pop stratosphere, as well as what it means to experience the simple bliss of not being able to sing along.

    Featured Music:
    01.  Joe Jackson – “It’s Different for Girls” (I’m the Man)
    02.  Counting Crows – “Raining In Baltimore” (Across a Wire: Live in New York)
    03.  Counting Crows – “Ballad of El Goodo” (Underwater Sunshine)
    04.  Big Star – “Thirteen” (#1 Record)
    05.  Counting Crows – “Speedway” (This Desert Life)
    06.  Counting Crows – “Round Here” (August and Everything After)
    07.  Counting Crows – “Accidentally In Love” (Shrek 2)
    08.  Counting Crows – “Ooh La La” (Underwater Sunshine)


    Audiography Episode 056 – “Adam Duritz (of Counting Crows)”
    Written and Produced by Len Comaratta, Alex Young, and Jeremy Larson


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