Teen Daze announces sophomore album: The Inner Mansions


    teendaze innermansions Teen Daze announces sophomore album: The Inner Mansions

    Vancouver producer Teen Daze will release his second album of 2012, The Inner Mansions, on November 6th via Lefse Records. Whereas this past May’s debut full-length, All Of Us, Together, focused on the emotions surrounding a “futuristic, electronic utopia,” the ten-track follow up “focuses inward, both thematically and sonically,” with Teen Daze undertaking a true “spiritual and musical journey.”

    For evidence of his travels, Teen Daze has released the aptly-titled “New Life”. While the producer’s patchwork and often hazy approach is still intact, the song’s far more reserved and introspective, unleashing a gentle trickle of light drums and vaguely empyreal effects that adds a lush and more mature shine to Teen Daze’s usual romantic leanings.

    The Inner Mansions Tracklist:
    01. New Life
    02. Divided Loyalties
    03. Garden 1
    04. Discipleship
    05. By Love
    06. Union
    07. Garden 2
    08. Spirit
    09. The Heart of God
    10. Always Returning (Brian Eno) (Bonus)


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