New Music: The Coup feat. Das Racist and Killer Mike – “WAVIP”


    coup bothercover 1024x1024 New Music: The Coup feat. Das Racist and Killer Mike   WAVIP

    After collaborating with Tom Morello on Street Sweeper Social Club, Boots Riley will return to The Coup for their sixth LP, Sorry to Bother You, due out October 30th via Anti-. The follow-up to 2006’s Pick a Bigger Weapon was produced by Riley and Damion Gallegos, who worked together to combine “danceable beats, punk urgency and the astute social commentary of hip-hop to craft a refreshingly unique sound that draws from the past but never sounds anything but futuristic.” Guest contributors include Anti-Flag, Jolie Holland, Japanther, Vernon Reid, Joe Henry, and more.

    While lead single/album opener “The Magic Clap” is more in line with a direct punk sound, the closing track “WAVIP” loops in Killer Mike and Das Racist for a hip-hop-leaning affair. (Fun fact: Riley previously guested on Kool A.D.’s 51 mixtape) Backed by a fuzzy bass groove, each act lets their respective political core slip, opting for breezy rhymes about hanging with fellas who “got dreads, gold teeth, talk real bad grammar” (courtesy of Killer Mike) and how the people of Whoville should slit the Grinch’s throat (a line which Riley somehow turns playful). Stream it below.

    Sorry to Bother You Tracklist:
    01. The Magic Clap
    02. Strange Arithmetic
    03. Your Parents’ Cocaine
    04. The Gods of Science
    05. My Murder, My Love
    06. You Are Not a Riot (An RSVP from David Siquieros to Andy Warhol)
    07. Land of 7 Billion Dances
    08. Violet
    09. This Year
    10. We’ve Got a Lot to Teach You, Cassius Green
    11. Long Island Iced Tea, Neat
    12. The Guillotine
    13. WAVIP


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