Recapping Neil Young’s inaugural Twitter Q&A


    Neil Young, 66, captivated everyone on my Twitter timeline for a good hour this afternoon as he answered a series of user submitted questions via Twitter. Usually these artist Q&A’s are a forgettable waste of time and key strokes, as 140 characters doesn’t leave much room to say anything of note. Uncle Neil, however, filled 85% of his tweets with sarcasm and one-liners, leaving the remainder to reveal noteworthy tidbits. It was great.

    He began by explaining why we’re all here.

    He then elaborated on the new album’s title.

    He dropped a few newsworthy tidbits.

    He discussed new music.

    He answered the obligatory Jack White question.

    And the obligatory Radiohead question.

    He talked social issues.

    He talked sports.

    He talked politics.

    He made some funnies.

    But he saved his best tweet for last.