New Music: Eels – “Peach Blossom”


    Eels Wonderful, Gloruious

    Mark Oliver Everett, aka Eels, has let loose the first track from his upcoming album Wonderful, Glorious. Equal parts Beck and Tom Waits, “Peach Blossom” campaigns with muffled, dusty vocals that sound recorded in a closet. One should take note of the recording itself here, which sounds like it was captured by Kevin McCallister and his trusty Talkboy.

    Wonderful, Glorious is out February 5th via Vagrant. It’s the singer-songwriter’s tenth album, and first since completing his 2009/2010 trilogy of Hombre Lobo, End Times, and Tomorrow Morning.

    Wonderful, Glorious Tracklist:
    01. Bombs Away
    02. Kinda Fuzzy
    03. Accident Prone
    04. Peach Blossom
    05. On the Ropes
    06. The Turnaround
    07. New Alphabet
    08. Stick Together
    09. True Original
    10. Open My Present
    11. You’re My Friend
    12. I Am Building a Shine
    13. Wonderful, Glorious


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