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    120730 indian handcrafts Rdio Playlist: Indian Handcrafts

    The Ontario duo Indian Handcrafts are riding in the cab of their suped-up album Civil Disobedience for Losersa riff-metal funk-blasted gem. Brandyn James Aikins Daniel Brandon Allen (that’s five first-names for the two of them) offered up this playlist of wicked peaks (Indian, Celtic Frost) and some surprising valleys (that Horseback song just sprawled itself all over my “calm the hell down” playlists) that have been tumbling through their heads of late. Check out the liner notes below, and subscribe to the playlist on Rdio.

    Indian Handcrafts

    KISS – “Under The Rose”
    Why.. Because its the greatest song off of one of their greatest albums and if you think otherwise you’re just wrong. I’m still waiting for the movie to come out!!

    Hank Williams – “Kaw Liga”
    Why.. Because it’s the best god damn song he ever wrote and I’m biased.


    Funkadelic – “Super Stupid”
    Why.. It wakes your ass up when you’re driving.

    Indian – “Guiltless”
    Why.. It’s a good song to digest fast food to.

    Joe Walsh – “Turn To Stone”
    Why.. Great for late night drives in strange towns.

    Celtic Frost – “Into The Crypts Of Rays”
    Why.. Because you cant always drive the speed limit and its a good song to practice your high kicks to.

    Horseback – “Blood Fountain”
    Why.. Sometimes you want some peace

    Venom – “In League With Satan”
    Why.. The pace of this song has a purpose

    Lalo Schrifrin – “The Big Battle”
    Why.. Best pre-show song ever!!

    Alice Cooper – “Long Way To Go”
    Why.. Because you always do.

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